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Quote Me, Insult Me, Feel Me, S's

sometimes life needs to go by 5's

Quotes and Insults, Feelings and S's
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Welcome to 5101520fic_qifs

This Community has been brought to you by darkmagic_luvr and ashields124 . Amanda and I started this community for the sole purpose of boredom. This community has 5 steps to it.

1. Claim a pairing here
2. After either Amanda or I have acepted your claim, you get to venture to the 5-25 table where you choose 5 out of the 25 quotes we have posted here
3. Once you have chosen your five quotes you can head over
to the Feelings corner of the comm, where you choose 10 out of the 35 prompts given here
4. Following this you venture towards the 15-50 prompt table. Here you choose 15 of the insults you would like to use.
5. Here is where you finish your quest and choose 20 out of the 100 prompts given to you. Yeah, I get it, there all S's, sue me.

Now that you have collected a total of 50 prompts, you get to have as much fun as you want while writing up your fics.

Teh Rules:
(switches to bad ass mod...but just for a sec)

1. NO FLAMING! I don't care if you don't like a pairing/character, I don't care if you have a good reason for hating it. The fact is, you read it, now you have to pay the consequence of having it play in your memory forevermore. However, constructive criticism (meaning you had a problem with the grammar or you have an idea to which the writer could improve) is allowed, just don't be mean. (Like with my grammar :P)
2. Incest is allowed...to an extent...I respect that you might think it's nifty, but not everyone does, and rule number one would most likely be broken. Just think about you and your own sibling in the same situation and I don't think you'll find it all that nifty any longer. Fluff, is alright for insecst (I guess)
3. Homophobia...that's a no no. If it's the character's personality, dim it down a bit. This is a friendly comm, and you will be removed if I see anything like that.
4. I get that this is a bunch of writing for you to do, really, but I do wish that you post something every two to three monts or so. If you post them all at once- Lovely! If you post once a month- Sweetness! If you post once a year- Oooh Sorry, I'm gonna have to cut you of your claim. Someone else might want your claim.
5. If you don't have fun...I will punch you in the face. :D

Sad as it may be, you may want to discontinue your claim. To do that you must Kill Your Claim.

1. The challenge is writing 50 fics.

2. The name of this comm might be questionable. 5101520fic_qifs- 5-fics 10-fics 15-fics 20-fics quotes insults feelings s's. It's really quite simpile.

4. The Tags I would enjoy you to post on your entry are the Fandom/Claim/YourLJName. This makes it easier for everyone I think, and you get to find your own posts faster.

5. Posts must be at least 100 words long, anything over 200 words should go in an lj cut (not including the subject line).Fake cuts are allowed as well.

6. Labeling fics:

Word Count:
Prompt: (ex: 20-100/#12-Satisfaction)
Summary/Author’s Notes:

7. You post your fic entries on this comm. We would love to read what you've written!

8. If you would like to make a table for your 50 fics you can use this spiffy little table here

Want to affiliate? How lovely! If you do want to affiliate with us than just drop by right here.







-x-Liv and Amanda

I would like to thank the very lovely fly_casual77 for reminding me how much my grammar sucks and fixing it for me. You are forever my hero.